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Goldsheep is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind athleisure brand that is dedicated to bringing light to favorable images and putting them on legs for the rest of the world to wear. Goldsheep dedicates everyday to hand-making each piece in their Orange County warehouse and has a passion for making their customers feel like they can embrace their individuality with every wear. Goldsheep is inspired by the special uniqueness people have inside, but most importantly, by Keri’s grandmother. Shirley embodies her individuality and independence and is what we call, the ULTIMATE Goldsheep.
Today, Goldsheep is headquartered and manufactured in beautiful Orange County, California where creativity grow and the brand continues to expand. There is a story behind every design which makes each collection more empathetic and even more favorable than the last.

Growing up in Newport Beach, California where everything is "picture perfect": the waves, the temperature, the people ... I never felt like I fit in. With that urge to find myself, I began to explore. This journey took me around the globe (literally) and it was in New York City that I saw art EVERYWHERE. I was working in the fashion industry and would walk to work every day seeing thousands of black leggings....at the same time noticing all the rad street art. I thought to myself, "it would look so cool if we could transfer the art from around us onto clothing so each person could express themselves”. I went back to my apartment in NYC and tried to start making this come to life. I decided it was best I go back to LA / OC to make this dream become reality and it was there that GOLDSHEEP was born.

Today, GOLDSHEEP has grown from my tiny apartment to our amazing warehouse in Orange County, California where we proudly manufacture each piece as you order it. We have an amazing team that helps my crazy little creative brain come to life. Everyone here has the same goal..to keep the GOLDSHEEP brand and spirit alive.

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