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Hike It Off

Sharing the good vibe and healing energy of hiking and inspiring deep-rooted connections to the outdoors.

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Sharing our passion for hiking.
Do you consider yourself mostly a day hiker? If so, Hike It Off Magazine is written exclusively for you! One of the first magazines to focus solely on day hiking, we are proud to bring you curated gear reviews, expert advice, inspiring interviews, in depth trail coverage, and all things day hiking related. We hand-select our partners to ensure they align with our core values and mission statement and add a significant value to day hiking.
Our commitment to ​Leave No Trace Principles is evident not only in our core values but in our 100% digital magazine and marketing. As much as we would love to provide a print version of our magazine, we feel printing all that paper and shipping all those magazines goes against what we support. We also believe the outdoors are for everyone, regardless of body size, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, sex, social class, or age.
Who we are.
To share the vibe and healing energy of hiking and inspire deep-rooted connections to the
-Share the many positive benefits of hiking.
-Help hikers to become nature enthusiasts who care about the preservation of trails, so that all
those who hike after us can enjoy the trails in the same splendor for years to come.
-Emphasize Leave No Trace Priciples.
We are wife and husband, Publisher and Creative Director, aka Chief Lollygagger, lovers of all
things hiking. In 2014, we created a stylish and successful clothing brand for hikers, and now we
bring day hikers the very first magazine exclusively for them.

Our story is rooted in overcoming a traumatic event and finding gratitude for it every day. A story of jumping feet first off a cliff to do what we love and finding a welcoming community at the bottom with arms wide open to soften the landing. Our story is one that is always changing and always beautiful.

On June 4th, 2014 while celebrating Hike It Off 's Co-Founder Jaime Purinton’s birthday, the universe decided to change her life forever. Jaime and her husband, Tony, were hiking a trail they have hiked a hundred times before and Jaime lost her balance and in a split second shattered all three bones and dislocated her right ankle. Jaime and Tony had no idea how much their life was about to change while lying in the dirt waiting for help to arrive.​


When you are unable to do the things you love and are forced to be still and really think about your life and what is most important, your perspective changes. After two surgeries, a prognosis of a year of recovery, and an uncertain outcome, the thought of Jaime not being able to hike again was a real fear that crossed both Tony and Jaime’s minds daily. They both realized then how much hiking meant to them and even though this was the most difficult obstacle they had ever needed to overcome, they knew that the universe in its tricky little way had created an opportunity for them through this misadventure.

While Jaime was in recovery, Hike It Off was born. She was determined to bring this dream to life. Now we live, breathe, eat, and sleep Hike It Off. It is our dream, our medicine, and our future. We are so honored to be able to share it with hikers that are just like us. Hikers who live to hike it off!

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