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Humans Outside

Step outside and transform your daily life.

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How would your life change if you spent time outside every day for a year? Register for the Humans Outside Challenge and find the help, motivation and accountability to give it a try.


What would happen if you uprooted your whole life so you could make spending more time in nature just a part of who you are? Would it change you for the better? Would it be worth the risk? In 2016 we left behind life as we knew it and moved with our two sons to Alaska, looking for a fresh start and more time in the great outdoors. Join us on our adventures as we learn to thrive as humans outside.


When we moved to Alaska I didn’t know a thing about shaping my life to focus on spending time outside. A reporter, editor, runner Army wife, I created Humans Outside to help people like me get outside and love it. But just talking about getting outside wasn’t enough. So I started a new challenge, and since September 2017 I’ve spent at least 20 consecutive minutes outside every single day. I also host the Humans Outside Podcast where I get to talk to outdoor-minded guests. When I’m not busy getting outside or hanging out with you here, I am the Executive Editor of Military.com.


Luke is a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, outdoors enthusiast and co-founder of Remedy Alpine, a nonprofit focused on Alaska’s veterans. Luke loves camping, hiking, kayaking and anything that requires buying more gear. He’s also the reason we ever headed outside to start with.


Did you read something here about kids outside? Then you should thank David and Huck, adventurers who are down with anything we throw at them. They are our official kid-gear testing, dirt collecting, rocks into rivers tossing entertainers.

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Humans Outside has tips and tools that speak to the part of yourself wanting to get outside and be in nature on the daily. We all need a reminder that nature is calling and Humans Outside makes it fun and accessible. No promises made - just a question: how would your life change?

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