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The motivational statements on our activewear remind you to embrace your power, you are powerful, to stay persistent, and so much more! The reason we create motivational activewear is because we want to remind you to keep going during your toughest workouts and on the days you don’t feel like working out.

It was important to us for our brand to be inclusive. We want everyone to know ICONI is for them and we are constantly working to expand our size ranges throughout our collections.

10% of ICONI's profits are donated to nonprofit organizations. We want to help make a difference in the world – one legging at a time!

ICONI is a motivational and inclusive activewear line that donates 10% of our profits to nonprofit organizations. ICONI stands for "I Can Overcome, Nothing's Impossible." We want to remind you that no matter the obstacle, you can overcome it. ICONI is black-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned by our CEO and founder, Angel J.

Our mission is to change the world one legging at a time by motivating people through our high-quality activewear and providing an inclusive environment for everyone, while giving back to those in-need and in-crisis and remembering our humble beginnings.

ICONI activewear delivers motivation and empowerment. We guarantee to safeguard and support the bodies of our customers. Our focus is to ensure our customers can focus on their workouts, instead of see-through, non-supportive, low-quality, and boring activewear. We want our customers to know we are right there with them on their fitness journeys.

Our logo represents power, strength, and versatility. The base is a power button which represents your power to accomplish your goals. The overlay is the Adinkra symbol for strength and versatility. It takes all these elements to control your total wellness, especially when starting a fitness journey.

The idea of ICONI came to our founder Angel at 1am on September 15, 2019 while working a long night shift. As an avid gym and activewear lover, Angel hated spending so much money on leggings, just for them to be see-through and have waistbands that roll down. An embarrassing moment in the gym led Angel to find a solution, "So there I was..we start many stories like this in the Air Force haha. I was squatting and one of my guy friends told me, in the nicest way possible, that he could see everything through my leggings. I was horrified, I was literally working out at the gym on base. Additionally, I was pissed because I spent so much money on this particular pair of leggings, just for them to be see-through. I hadn’t squeezed into these leggings, they were my size! I recognized a problem in the activewear market. Much of the activewear was not SQUAT PROOF! My solution to the problem I experienced and so many others have experienced was ICONI’s squat proof activewear!”

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