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The Runner’s Apothecary

Where medicine-making + movement meet

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The Runner’s Apothecary is a wellness brand for runners, other athletes, and other humans who move their bodies. We create plant-based body care products to support recovery and to facilitate less reliance on over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals.

According to research from Mayo Clinic, runners often over-utilize OTC painkillers. This includes muscle pain relievers and stomach relief pills due to the high occurrence of body aches and indigestion. While OTC pharmaceuticals sometimes supply the relief runners and other athletes are looking for, The Runner’s Apothecary provides natural, plant-based alternatives. We handcraft muscle salves, bath salts, and other remedies rooted in ancient herbal wisdom.

Our mission is to craft and share plant-based products and accessible health education with runners and other athletes to support movement and recovery.


Our founder Kyndall Osibodu faced many challenges as a newbie runner including blisters, indigestion, and muscle tenderness.

After taking a community herbal education course, witnessing the magic of the NYC Marathon, and committing to running for herself, The Runner’s Apothecary was born.

The Runner’s Apothecary works at the intersection and belief that movement is medicine and plants are medicine too.

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