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ITA Leisure creates opportunities for individuals to connect with others who share the same passion, love, and sometimes fear, of leisure and the beautiful outdoors. It’s a hand in hand tug, softly and safely leading us back to our natural rhythm the moment we step outside.

Whether impromptu or well-planned, your next adventure becomes an effortless event with our outdoor essentials.

We carefully create heritage-inspired designs and source premium materials that are then handcrafted to endure from season to season. For the indecisive adventures, we’ve created a variety of product combinations to suit outdoor activities of every kind, even if it’s just relaxing in your own backyard.

This is a calling — a chance to reconnect and fall in love with nature all over again.

We take inspiration from our diverse cultural and ancestral connections to nature. It shows up in the designs we make and the designers we admire.

From rich primary colors paired with cool neutrals in Cassi Namoda’s paintings, to the textured modernity of 1950s Africa expressed by Seydou Keita.

We are moved and influenced by works that capture the softness and joy of our communities outdoors.

As the first Black-owned and woman-owned outdoor furniture and goods brand, we were founded on a simple truth: leisure is for everyone.

We believe in the natural world’s ability to restore and enrich us — and realize that for marginalized people, it’s also a potent reprieve from the prejudices of the modern world. So we connect people more deeply to the outdoors through inclusive products and experiences that reestablish our connection to nature — starting with those who have the most to gain.


The old stereotypes don’t work here.

We outside.

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