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Cosmic Dirt

Size-inclusive bike apparel

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At Cosmic Dirt we know the pain of not doing what we love because we can’t find clothes that fit and function properly. We want something that’s high quality, size-inclusive, sustainably and ethically produced and not insanely expensive, and just plain stylish. And there’s a serious lack of that in the outdoor space, which is the very problem that lit a fire under our asses to do better. That voice in your head saying you’re not good/fit/cool enough to be on a bike? F&%K that. Cosmic Dirt offers technical mountain bike apparel and badass streetwear, designed by people who actually spend time in these clothes and know what feels good. The goal was to offer better apparel, not just more. We make durable, high-quality and stylish mountain bike and outdoor apparel in sizes XS-4X so you can stop thinking about your wedgie and just look cool instead.

Founder Ashley Duffus-Jambor has lived in the PNW all her life, and has been working in of the outdoor industry on and off for over a decade. She's particularly drawn to mountain biking above all her other pursuits, and spends nearly all her free time on singletrack. However, she hasn't always been that way.

Ashley’s got a size 24 booty and believe it or not, bike apparel brands don’t make anything for bodies that fall outside your standard 2-12 range. And if they do, they certainly lack in technical performance and aesthetic. What happened to…”The outdoors are for everyone?”

For years she let the trajectory of her life be shaped by the outdoor apparel industry telling her she couldn’t do something...and that she didn't fit the mold. After realizing that clothing was deterring her from spending time on her bike, Ashley set out to make sure clothing never prevented anyone else from doing what they love. Since then she’s poured her heart and soul into developing Cosmic Dirt and creating a world where everyone can be a mountain athlete, no matter the size of your hips or thighs.


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