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Kulie Bags

European Design Inspired Bike Bags

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Kulie Bags makes bags that go on bikes - bicycles, e-bikes, trikes...you name it. Do you carry a backpack or a messenger as you ride, do you stuff your jacket pockets with your phone, fuel, and tech accessories, are you always arriving sweaty and tired from carrying things on yourself...well, we are here to change that!

We are based out of Seattle where we love to bike no matter the weather. The hills, the green, the rain, the terrain all serve as inspiration to get on the bike anytime and every time it's possible. But biking in the midst of a busy life can be hard. Kids to drop off, work to get to, groceries, friends, meetups....there is a lot to do in life and if we could just find a way to do more of these life things on our bikes, everything would be SO MUCH BETTER!

In late 2019 I encountered an opportunity to enter the Outdoors/Sporting goods industry with a new line of biking accessories – Bike Bags like Panniers, Saddle/Handlebar/Frame bags, that did more, and looked awesome compared to anything we have in the US today. Cycling in the US is primarily a sport: speed, thrill, and adventure rank higher in customer appeal compared to ROW where bicycles are also regular modes of commute and transportation. This is changing though, and urban campuses and increasing traffic throttles are beginning to make the case for easy wheels more imminent in American cities. Well before the Segways, snazzy scooters, or fancy unicycles & hoverboards become mainstream, the humble bicycle (likely now set up with a battery) has the potential to disrupt American commute and transportation if we allow it to. City re-planning, infrastructure investments, commuter incentives etc. I’ll leave to folks with more entrenched knowledge and deeper pockets…this felt like a challenging space to explore with what I could do – develop a new line of designer bags for bicycles, e-bikes and trikes that inspire you to do more with your bike. That’s how Kulie® was born.

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Kulie Bags blog highlights folks who are jumping into biking later in life. It's inspiring!

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