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Handup Gloves have been the best mountain bike gloves for grabbin’ bars and beers since 2014. What began as bold, minimalist cycling gloves for mtb riders, cyclocross racers, and downhill riders has become much more. We’ve expanded into four separate glove weights to get you through the seasons, introduced a line of golf gloves in our other favorite pastime, and made apparel affordable for casual wearing, cycling, golfing, or just being active outside.

As a company, we land somewhere between fast and fun. Our gear is used from average joes to pros without compromise. Of course, it all started when we reached for a post ride beer and it slipped right through our hands… for us the camaraderie and post activity hangout, is as equally important as the activity itself. We invite you to try a set, grab on to your handlebars, clubs, or a cold one, and just enjoy…

The handup story is not one of gloves. It’s of people.

It’s never been about gloves or the gear. It’s about the people that wear it, being able to express the color of their soul.

In 2014 we looked around and thought there may be people like us… people that want more than black and grey gear. Maybe we aren’t alone in our pink floral or leopard print attitude.

Maybe something as simple as a glove could give people ability to show their true colors

We were right. We weren’t alone..

And those people found out that they weren’t alone. The original not boring glove had made its way to people all across the world, that deep down, were as unique as the new gloves they wore.

Boring is boring. You are you. Be you in HANDUP gloves and gear so we can see the true you.

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