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Loud Mouth Visuals

Visual Stories of Truth and Joy

With my photos and stories I looks for loud and beautiful voices from all over, both human and more-than-humans, using my light box and words to paint a story. When I pick up my camera I wield it with compassion and consent, understanding that the stories of who we are and the images that come with them are extremely personal. With explicit permission and reciprocity I capture frozen moments of expression both in ones face and in the world. My vocation is to share photos that cultivate a mentality of inclusivity, placing a particular focus on diversity in all spaces. Light is my art form and my way of representing voices that are often unheard or overlooked. In addition and in conjunction with telling stories, I am an activist, environmentalist, humanist, geographer and athlete. When I am not traveling for my photo and writing work I am visiting family/friends and/ or planning surfing, biking and climbing adventures and, always, creating art.


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