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Lume Six

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You Deserve A Better Sports Bra
We all deserve better sports bras! Seriously, they suck and have sucked for a long time. They can be lighter, more comfortable, dry faster, and be more durable...they don't have to have removable padding!

Once I started this project, it quickly became my mission to create the next generation of sports bras. Lume Six sports bras that use the best fabrics and construction methods possible so that we as women get the best performing products to support us in our activities. No cutting corners, no compromises.

I'm Margaux, founder of Lume Six. I am a dedicated mountain biker and love being outside and staying active.

I have experienced pain and discomfort from sports bras my entire life and realized many women were having the same issues. After a particularly uncomfortable time, I realized I had the skills to solve these issues. Drawing from over a decade of experience developing technical and performance apparel in the cycling and snow sports industries, Lume Six was born.

I started working on Lume Six with the goal of creating the next generation of sports bras. I wanted something supportive without being restrictive, I wanted something lightweight, breathable, faster drying, and straps that didn't bunch up. After 3 years of development, I can honestly tell you these are the best sports bras I have ever used.

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