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Moxie Cycling Co.

Women's Cycling Jerseys

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Moxie Cycling Co. is a female-focused apparel company designed by women with decades of riding experience. Moxie takes all that first-hand knowledge and understanding of what women truly want out of their riding gear, and to offer the best in stylish, comfortable performance-based cycling gear.

Our mission is to get more women to experience the joy of being outside and on their bikes. We do this by making apparel that is not only comfortable but fits women of all shapes, sizes and riding preferences thereby making cycling more inclusive and welcoming for women who may not have felt comfortable in traditional cycling clothes. We represent women cyclists. The female cyclist consumer is growing rapidly and with diversity. More women are riding but not necessarily for the reasons men are riding. Research has shown women are taking to cycling for the benefits of being outside, the health benefits and for fun. These women cyclists have different needs than the traditional cyclist. Their top priorities for apparel comfort, style and performance. The increased diversity in women's cycling has increased the need for broader size ranges. Women have been under-represented in the cycling community for years. Not anymore.

Moxie Cycling Company is a contemporary women’s cycling apparel company driven to produce high quality performance products designed to fit a women’s body in motion. It is our goal to disrupt the traditional look of a “cyclist”. Making apparel that is not only comfortable but fits women of all different body types and riding preferences. Producing products using responsibly sourced and recycled performance-based fabric. Production is done by fair pay sewing factories in the USA. Our company started with the Wicked Girl Mountain Bike Collection and in 2020 we purchased the Moxie Cycling Company trademark. With this acquisition Moxie Cycling covers all types of riding styles.

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