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Women Outdoors

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If you are a woman who loves the outdoors, Women Outdoors is for you.

Women Outdoors promotes leadership, friendship, adventure and enjoyment in the great outdoors. An all-volunteer organization, Women Outdoors sponsors several regional chapters, which organize activities for their members such as hiking, biking, kayaking and cross-country skiing.

Women Outdoors is a network where women can meet other women who share their outdoor interests and values. We provide a place for women who, through the outdoors, build bridges among members of diverse outdoor skills, ages, lifestyles and cultures.

Our 250+ members are spread across the United States with the largest number in the Northeast, where Women Outdoors was founded.

The seeds for Women Outdoors were planted during a cold January weekend in 1980 at the Northeast Regional Gathering of Women in the Wilderness at Otter Lake, New Hampshire. Over 80 women from New Jersey to Maine came together for three days of workshops, skill sessions and sharing. At the end of the weekend, ten women, some affiliated with the Association for Experiential Education, wanted to grow the circle of friendship they had just formed.

Original LogoThey talked of starting an organization to promote the development of leadership and outdoor skills in a supportive environment with other women, as well as to promote environmental ethics and stewardship. Following much discussion, including the possibility of becoming the “new” Women in the Wilderness, they decided to start from scratch and build a brand new organization.

By June 1980, these 10 women, our “founding mothers,” had selected the name Women Outdoors, written a constitution and by-laws, filed articles of incorporation with the State of Massachusetts, and published the first issue of Women Outdoors Magazine. The founding mothers also became the first board of directors of Women Outdoors. Three years later, Women Outdoors received its nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.


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