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High-tech performance wear with patent-pending features and fabrics that support feminine health.

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We engineer high-tech performance wear with patent-pending features and fabrics that support feminine health.

  • Keeps your lady parts clean and dry
  • Increases airflow
  • Fights bacteria

Oya was designed and tested with 60+ physicians.

Studies show that tight, clothing made of spandex blends create wet, anaerobic environments that grow bad bacteria. This bad bacteria throws off your microbiome and leads to issues like yeast infections, rashes, etc.

We're fighting these issues by engineering leggings and tops that keep you dry and well ventilated and that kill bacteria.

Our leggings are the first OB/GYN-tested, athlete-approved legging. We have interviewed and tested with over 20 medical doctors and over 200 women to create a revolutionary legging.

Oya leggings have ventilation panels, moisture absorption properties, and antimicrobial properties, among other attributes. All of our products are made with our consumers in mind and perfected by customer feedback.

Our antimicrobial technology offers unmatched, intelligent freshness - effectively controlling bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors. Our antimicrobial technology lasts for over 50 washes.


one badass Black Female Athlete, a seemingly innocent clothing item, and frustrated trips to the gynecologist office...

As a college athlete, Mitch was constantly dealing with vaginal health hurdles and in the dark as to why. During yet another trip to the gynecologist's office, she learned that the leggings she wore daily as an athlete make women 2X more likely to develop health issues.
She was mad - like BIG mad. "I'm fixing this" level mad.

After some digging, it was clear how millions of people with vaginas were secretly dealing with sweat and moisture related health issues, either out of shame or because there were no solutions. From her own experiences as a woman, athlete, a former Nike employee, and an inclusive product designer, she knew that leggings were not designed with a woman's health in mind.

And BOOM, the concept for Oya was born.

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