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Rebecca Rusch

Ride with Rebecca

Train, Ride, and Race with the Queen of Pain. Learn from Rebecca Rusch and her team of experts through self-paced online courses! Rusch Academy is an online cycling education program developed by Rebecca to provide tangible and technical experiential knowledge for participants of all skill levels and styles to improve their performance in the saddle.

I’ve spent over 30 years chasing “firsts” – podiums, PRs, and championship titles, yes, but also breaking ground with never-before-imagined adventures, destinations and projects that have challenged and shaped me personally and professionally. It’s this continual engagement with “what’s next” that has fueled my curiosity, satisfied my soul, fed my desire for growth, connection and change and grounded me in the belief that operating out of the comfort zone is the only way for us to evolve as humans, contribute to the greater good and enjoy the richness life can offer. I’ve had the good fortune to gain so much from so many, and part of the fun has been sharing the most enduring lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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