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Ridge Patrol

Reimagined Hunting Apparel for Women

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You deserve clothing that can keep up with you, no matter what trail you take.

Designed by Women, for Women: Reimagined Hunting Apparel for Women. Each piece is functional and to make you feel and look your best in the field, on the mountain, or sitting around the campfire. Using state-of-the-art camouflage designs, lightweight and breathable fabrics, and features you didn't even know you needed, our first collection of items are comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for wearing on an early morning elk hunt or around a campfire after a successful harvest.

  • USA-Made: Made in California, designed in Colorado, and loved nationwide. We pride ourselves on creating clothing items that don't just look and feel good, but also honor our environment.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Wear it, wash it, and if you don't love it, exchange and return your purchased item with ease within 30 days.
  • You are a hunter. You are a conservationist. You are a skilled athlete. You are a fierce woman. And you deserve hunting clothes that can keep up with you no matter what trail you take.

At Ridge Patrol, we believe in empowering women to be comfortable in nature, to treasure our natural resources, and enjoy moving through the wild with clothing that compliments your every step.

When our founder, Bevan Mitchell, first started hunting, she struggled to find the right apparel…sizing down in menswear made her feel like she was twinning with Sasquatch, and she wasn't satisfied with the options available for women. It didn't take long for her entrepreneurial spirit to shine its light on the need for better hunting gear. Alongside the incredible hunting community in Colorado, she designed a line of clothing that's as functional as it is attractive. Each piece has been tested in the wild to ensure it's quiet, sophisticated, and empowering for both the avid hunter and those just starting on their journey.

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