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The Wearable Bag

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Ever wish you didn’t have to get out of your sleeping bag when camping?

Or wish there was a better way to stay warm on chilly evenings outside?

The Selk’bag is a game-changer for cozy mobility.
Stay moving, stay warm, stay outside.

Wear it camping, backpacking, working from home, around the campfire, under the stars, or in the snow, there are countless ways to use your Selk’bag.

Over 10 years ago, we were camping with our buddies in the Chilean Andes.

The weather was typically cool.
We had a basic sleeping bag, shaped like a mummy.

Once in, we could not move, we felt like the human enchilada.
Why are bags shaped like this…why aren’t they shaped like me, withy arms and legs and the possibility to use them?

From that simple moment came a big idea:
A human shaped sleeping bag.

Today that dream is a reality.

what we love

We spotted the Selk'bag on a competitor in the Rebelle Rally. A few clicks and days later, the Selk'bag arrived. Cozy mobility is the best!

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