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SEPTEMBER suits are designed for functionality and durability in and out of water. We focus on fit, color, and sustainable materials. Each suit has its own story to tell, a story of conscientious design. With streamlined silhouettes, we never sacrifice performance and always deliver classics.

SEPTEMBER’s vision is to be ‘Every woman’s first choice for confident and comfortable swimwear.’ We are an advocate for body positivity as much as we are for surfing - every woman with a desire to surf, should. The ocean doesn’t discriminate based on body image and neither do we.

We're a women-owned brand. We’re independent and self-funded with passion and determination to create modern, sustainable surf swimwear for all. Our name SEPTEMBER, is inspired by the month itself: a representation of new beginnings with the changing of seasons, and of course, the best month to surf in on the East Coast. Our swimsuits withstand the test of time, and the ocean. Designed in New York City. Tested in Bali.

SEPTEMBER was created by Erika Seiko Togashi, a designer from New York City with a love and passion for surfing. With over fifteen years of design experience for Patagonia, The North Face, J. Crew and Deus Ex Machina, Erika created a product perfectly combining the two.

The idea came to life in Bali, while living and surfing its tropical coasts. She noticed a lack of timeless, elegant and sustainable surf & swimwear in the industry. To her there was no value in buying another non-functional over-designed surf swimsuit, one that after a few surfs would look stretched/faded and worn-out (just to name a few).


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