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Hakuna Wear

Born to empower all people to embrace a life of no worries.

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We design innovative and active swimwear to protect your dignity, valuables, and the planet. We are independent thinkers that say no to the status quo -- just like you.

Welcome, Rainbow Warrior.

At Hakuna Wear, our mission is to empower people to let go of their worries in the ocean no matter their color, gender, orientation, etc. We design suits that allow you to be free to be you and celebrate the diversity of surfing.

Hakuna Wear began in 2018 after our founder went on her first tropical surf trip. She had a blast going on scooter rides and boat trips to the breaks but didn't have a pocket to bring money or a hotel key and kept losing her bottoms in the surf.

"I felt un-empowered by my bikini and I wanted to change that."

-Jessica Boynton, Founder and Designer

Hakuna Wear began to change the swimwear industry and design both fashionable and functional swimwear so that you can be free to be you. That means a place to stash your essentials (pockets), no nip slips, no cheek leak, and no worries when you wear a Hakuna suit.

When we say no worries, we really mean it. You can rest easy knowing all our suits are responsibly made with the most sustainable fabrics on the market for swim and surfwear. Only recycled fabrics, made from recycled water bottles (don't worry, it's still super soft!), and Yulex, a plant based neoprene alternative. All woman owned, invested, and designed in the heart of Oceanside, California, USA.

We are making this decision as easy as possible for you. Now get out there!

what we love

Pockets!! We deserve pockets on all the things. Hakuna Wear understands that no worries means having a place to store your keys.

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