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VanneBjorn Creative

Experts in soft goods product development and manufacturing

VanneBjorn Creative is a full service product development firm that can help your business grow no matter what stage you are at currently. We can help to bring your idea to physical form, refine details, fit, and construction techniques, as well as help manage domestic or international manufacturing.import, shipping, and labeling; or anything in between.

Looking for someone to help manufacture a small batch of something? We can help with that.

Looking for a bit of feedback on how to make your product more efficient to manufacture? We can help with that.

Looking for a way to incorporate biomimicry into your new design and create a prototype? We can do that too.

VanneBjorn Creative was founded by Adrian Roadman to provide a service for companies and individuals looking for solutions for their sewn products somewhere between a sewing machine pulled out of a closet and trying to get a bid for 100,000 units at an international sourcing convention. Sewing and product design is a skill to be treasured and fostered. We build long term relationships with our clients and their products and work to understand what they want to build and why. We understand that every product is on its own path to success and each should be treated individually to be able to thrive. Our core values are quality, intention, and support.

Adrian A. Roadman is an interdisciplinary creator passionate about fostering new ideas and designing intentional solutions that will benefit our communities and our planet. Adrian is an apparel designer, gear designer, and textile enthusiast as well as an ecologist, scientist, and researcher. With a focus on efficient products, ecologically sensitive textiles, and biomimicry design influences, she is passionate about creating a future in which beautiful items exist for all without sacrificing ecosystems during production. The future of successful product design is dependent upon interweaving sustainability with intelligent creativity.

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