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Freelancing is tough in a lot of ways. Just starting out is especially confusing and stressful. Add in trying to make it in an industry that’s still stereotypically for white, cis-gendered men, and it can seem like a pipe dream.

One challenge you shouldn’t have to deal with? Navigating this path alone.

The Freelance Outdoorswoman (TFO) is a growing interview archive showcasing women freelancers in all different areas of the outdoor industry. And they all want to see you succeed.

I’m an early-career freelance writer in the outdoor industry and I started this blog to learn from other freelancing women. The more I talk to people, the more I realize how many inspiring women are making this lifestyle work – and that it’s actually possible.

I hope these interviews can provide practical tips, encouragement, solidarity, and inspiration to other aspiring or current freelance outdoorswomen.

In the future, I hope to grow on this platform and develop this resource into a full community, so stay tuned! I’m managing this on top of my own freelancing, so progress can be a bit slow at times.

-Johanna Flashman, The Freelance Outdoorswoman

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