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The Wild Wander

The Outdoors are Calling

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The Wild Wander is a Richmond, Virginia based illustration and design studio stoking curiosity for the natural world.

It started with a field guide to my home state of Virginia - I wanted something that reminded me of home. I couldn't find what I was looking for in old books, so I decided to just make it. It turned out other folks felt the same about their states, and with the help of Kickstarter, I eventually made one for every state (and then some).

We're a lot more than the Field Guides now, but they still represent the core of what we do - telling stories through illustration and nature. We hope our work inspires comfort and connection with the outdoors, but just bringing you a happy memory or moment of brightness is alright by us too.

Our work and process is grounded in consideration and craftsmanship, from our drawing desk to your door. Every WWCo product starts with hand illustration by The Wild Wander founder, Clara Cline.

How it's made matters, and we're proud to partner with local letterpress and screen printers for our art prints. Their craftsmanship, as much as the illustrations themselves, is an art.

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