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We are united women on the fly. United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) is committed to building an inclusive community that educates, provides resources, encourages, and connects anglers from all backgrounds to the sport of fly fishing. UWOTF is not affiliated with any women’s groups, companies, or organizations listed on the website. We are simply a resource to share with those who have listed themselves on our website. All groups have given us permission to be included on our website and agree to our Mission Statement and Core Values.

United Women on the Fly core values consist of connecting anglers, continuing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work, offering accessible education, not shaming and becoming a fly-fishing resource for anglers.

United Women on the Fly connects anglers via various social media platforms, community events, classes, Facebook closed groups, UWOTF Website and Regional Mentors.

United Women on the Fly was founded by Heather Hodson in September 2016.

Our team is composed of an admin team, blog and education contributors and Facebook moderators.

United Women on the Fly is working to amplify the voices of women by providing a space where their voice is heard and shared.

United Women on the Fly is focused on aligning ourselves with individuals, events, and organizations with a DEI Initiative.

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