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Wild Lettie

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Wild Lettie creates outdoorsy goods that bring a spark of adventure to your every day and support your most daring pursuits. We create gear that is fun, functional, and ready for anything you can dream up – designed to inspire you to find your wild.Our designs are bold and colorful and pack a super-witty punch (because drab and boring is just so not our thing). We like to tell it like it is – preferably in a way that will make you laugh out loud with one of those big, happy belly laughs that can be all too hard to come by these days. We like to get a little goofy and weird (and fully embrace it), stay up way too late eating s’mores under the stars, geek out over maps and tents and outdoor gear…and, well, we just love to be outside, in ALL the ways.

Our gear is created for outdoor lovers and built on a love for nature. We are proud to utilize eco-friendly resources for our products and exercise sustainable business practices that help protect our planet and all the amazing wild places where we love to play and stay.

Wild Lettie is a woman-owned small business that cares deeply about the welfare of our employees, our community, and the environment.

Hello! We’re Wild Lettie. Who is Wild Lettie, you ask?

She’s often the girl with the quick wit and a laugh that can intoxicate a room. The one who never ends a conversation without a pinch of sarcasm sprinkled in. She can be found charging boldly, intentionally, barefoot through the woods. Or sunbathing by the lake, taking in the fresh air and warm summer sun. She smells like summer all year long. She has a deep respect for our planet and strives to protect the incredible open spaces where she roams.

She’s Wild Lettie. Invigorated, inspired, exhilarated. She’s the spirit and spark inside that makes you feel alive.

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