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Wilder Wellness

A Wilder Take on Wellness

Wilder Wellness aims to build confidence, connection, and trust in the relationship you have with your mind and body so you can take on any adventure. Through individual therapy, education, and community Wilder Wellness empowers you to ditch diet culture so you can live a more purposeful, passionate, and adventurous life.

Wilder Wellness is a group therapy practice that is here to help you redefine what wellness means to you. We help you let go of the beliefs and narratives that no longer serve you to build a more trusting relationship with food and your body.

We believe that our relationship with our body and food impacts all areas of our lives, from our mental health, relationships, and our overall self-esteem and confidence. Learning to build trust and attunement with your body can feel like climbing a mountain, we know you may feel lost, scared, and uncertain. Our role is to give you the tools and navigation to support you along the way.

Therapists at Wilder Wellness build therapeutic relationships through collaboration, creativity, and warmth. We are here to meet you with authenticity and compassion and engage in the therapeutic process in a way that is uniquely tailored to you. We provide quality, effective, and evidence-based treatment virtually for residents in OR, WA, and CO.

Hi, I’m Kristen. A licensed therapist who specializes in disordered eating and negative body image. Over the last 10 years I have dedicated my studies and clinical practice to helping individuals heal their relationships to food and their bodies. I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy, from Naropa University. My work is informed by my own experience healing from an eating disorder and building trust in body on and off of the trail.

My mission is to help you build a loving and trusting relationship with your body. Together we will explore your past history of experiences, relationships, and social constructs that have led you to believe that your body is something that "needs to be fixed". Our work will be focused on healing those experiences, and applying lessons to your current life.

Disordered eating teaches us to ignore the signals our bodies send us. In therapy you will learn to listen to your body's intuitive wisdom about hunger, fullness, movement, and rest. The goal is to restore the trust you have in your body to know what it needs.

In our work we will examine how your disordered eating or negative body image is impacting your life, relationships and larger goals. We will work towards letting go of the insecurities that are holding you back from living fully and showing up authentically.

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