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Women’s Wine Hiking Society

Utah-based Hiking Community

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Empowering women in the outdoors while hitting happy hour on the trail. From day hikes and backpacking trips, to weekend getaways and wine tastings, if you’re looking to explore the outdoors with other badass women (in a fun & judgment-free zone), grab your hiking shoes and join Women's Wine Hiking Society! (Drinking totally optional)

The Women’s Wine Hiking Society was formed to create lifelong connections and friendships among amazing women who are passionate about exploring the outdoors and our beautiful backcountry. Our mission is to empower women to discover not only their own strength and ability as they journey through the wilderness but also the power in supporting other women in the outdoors. Together we hike, backpack, and socialize in a judgment-free environment.

Cindy and Angelique here! We met through a mutual friend of our husbands (A: now my ex-husband, thankfully). When the guys would go dirt biking, we’d hit the trail and explore Utah on foot. Our friendship grew, one mile at a time. Eventually, the hikes turned into backpacking trips and adventures overseas.

Our passion for hiking and backpacking quickly morphed into something bigger: a passion for supporting and empowering women in the outdoors! We wanted other women to have a space where they could enjoy the outdoors, regardless of their age, pace, or fitness level. A place where women could gain both skills and a community with zero judgment.

And from that friendship and passion, the Wine Hiking Society as you see it today was born.

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