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At Youer, we truly believe that sustainability is a non-negotiable piece of business in this modern economy. And we do our best to reflect our beliefs about what's important, through the way we do business. Fabrics made from recycled (and often plastic-free) alternatives, prints designed in-house and printed on-demand to minimize waste, fabrics made in the USA and a tight supply chain that includes USA production, are all ways we try and walk the walk. To us, supply chains are anything-but-boring. They're our jam! And we're pretty darn transparent about what ours look like.

Headquartered in Missoula Montana, our production happens in California & Oregon (soon MT too!). Our fabrics are made in Tennessee, North Carolina and Taiwan. Our products make heavy use of sublimation - a printing process-of-sorts that puts our eccentric prints (designed by our founder Mallory!) onto our fabrics, and that takes place in California as well, just steps from the factory in which things are sewn.

Your orders are packaged and shipped at our Missoula warehouse by a small team of dedicated gals and we all wear a lot of hats.

All the gals you'll see wearing our clothes in our photos are REAL PEOPLE. We source 'models' from our customer base and shoots are a grand 'ol time. Here's a little glimpse into our supply chain, and if you like what you see then check our our Thread Talks Blog - here we share stories of how what you wear gets there.

I've always lived to stand out from the crowd, and for my entire life I've used style and clothing as a form of self expression. I started this journey in 2012 with a $100 sewing machine from Ebay, a corner of my parents' basement, and an Etsy shop where I sold one of a kind tee-shirt skirts.
That story quickly changed as I became deeply rooted in the outdoor industry and started making clothes I didn't see there - brightly-colored, well-fitting, crossover athletic wear - with factories in the USA from recycled fabrics. That business was called Kind Apparel and ultimately was an expression of me and a celebration of sustainable manufacturing. But over the years, while interacting with thousands of women who also wanted the same things I did, it was time for a change.

In November of 2020, I launched Youer - a brand built by the incredible community of women that supported Kind Apparel over the years. Youer is about celebrating everything that makes you different, it's about showing the world your personality through bold colors and bright patterns, supporting causes you care about and voting for women with your dollars. It's about celebrating all the different ways we "get after it", and the "every day adventure". Because, life isn't all about summits and traverses - it's about all the things we do every day - kicking butt at work, raising a family, trying a new recipe for dinner, fixing a flat, getting an extra hour of sleep, and LIVING.

I was 22 when I started making clothes and I've grown up so much along the way - now my company has too. I'm so passionate about connecting women who want to be individuals and who celebrate the fact that we all are unlike any other.

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We love the ambition and transparency in manufacturing! We can't wait to see what the Youer team is cooking up next.

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