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52 Hike Challenge

Changing your life one step at a time

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A challenge where you will gain physical fitness, mental well-being, make new friends, explore new places, and connect with family, friends and yourself through nature.

The 52 Hike Challenge has become a global movement, but it started out in 2014 as a life-changing individual hiking challenge. It changed our life, but we couldn’t imagine the simple concept of hiking every week for one year would be so meaningful to so many others as well! Whether it be on mountain trails, local parks, or along the beach, we encourage you to experience all the adventures the challenge can take you on. The physical and emotional benefits will follow.

Meet Karla. While going through a dark and emotional time in her life (divorce), fate stepped in, when she met Phillip! After seeing Phillip's weight-loss journey, Karla was inspired to get out and hike... while outdoors she noticed that she was starting to feel better inside.

In January 2014, they were flying back from a SCUBA trip, when Karla shared her New Year's resolutions with Phillip. One, was to hike at least once per week, and that is how the 52 Hike Challenge was born. They completed the challenge in 8.5 months, hiking and climbing some amazing places and mountains - including the tallest volcano in El Salvador and Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.* Hiking changed something in her. It cured her from her pain, it made her more connected to what is truly important and made her feel alive. The Hike Challenge literally changed Karla's life, one step at a time.

After their 52 Hikes were complete they knew they had to share their hiking secret with the world. The idea started with writing a book about the healing found in nature, but then they decided things could only get better if they invited others to do their own 52 Hike Challenge and include those stories as well! She is currently working on the book and accepting finisher stories.

"I have committed to hiking 52 times a year, for as long as I can and welcome you to join this life-changing journey." - Karla Amador

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