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Alluvia Raft

Packrafts and more for your adventure

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Alluvia Raft makes lightweight and packable, durable inflatable boats.

How everything started:
Our CEO and Co-Founder, Mariana, grew up in Lima-Peru and was not a big outdorsy person while growing up. When she moved to Colorado in 2015, she immediately fell in love with the outdoors. But she always wondered, “why aren’t there more people like me out there?”.

In terms of ethnicities, by 2046, people of color will be the majority of the population of the United States. Yet, we represent less than 15% of outdoor enthusiasts.

What we do:
Thus, Alluvia Packraft was born! We make lightweight, packable, inflatable boats for adventurous explorers who want to include water sports to their outdoor activities.

We want to become the outdoor exploration company that provides you with the gear to reduce the barriers of entry so we can all enjoy being outside in any way that we love.

what we love

Alluvia Raft brings diversity to the forefront of its mission. A portion of profits is allocated for making the outdoors "more inclusive, diverse, and a safe place for everyone." We are looking forward to watching Alluvia Raft grow!

Small Business
offerings: packrafts | stickers

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