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Anowi Surfwear

Eco-friendly active swimwear for women made in the USA

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Anowi Surfwear is an independent, woman-owned brand that was founded for active ladies that want swimwear that fits like a second skin, moves with you, covers but flatters a grown woman’s body and does it all with deep respect for the planet.

Sustainability starts with creating supply chain of local vendors to limit the environmental footprint related to shipping. All our materials and trims come from domestic suppliers, few of them get their product from China-bra cups and zippers, and Japan- elastics. Currently, we were not able to find suppliers that make these trims in location closer to us. However, everything else, from our fabric to packaging and marketing materials is made domestically.

Making apparel is a dirty business and we continuously strive to improve ways in which we can decrease our environmental footprint. I am a surfer, fashion designer and founder of Anowi Surfwear. This collection is an answer to how you combine love for fashion and functionality with passion for the nature and the need to protect it.


Founder Iwona Kapcia went from being a little girl that draws fashion illustrations on the walls of her parents' house to designing for big and small fashion houses in NYC, and finally making the jump into the entrepreneurial world and starting a sustainable brand.


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