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Campfire Collective

Snow, Surf and Sustainability

The campfire is where the power of the flame meets the art of the tale. It’s where firelight warms the faces of friends gathered beneath a blanket of twinkling stars, setting the idyllic stage for swapping stories. Through just the right amount of kindling and a thoughtful narrative, you can leave an impression that lingers long after the final embers have fizzled out.

This is how we treat telling the story of your brand. We offer services in communication strategy, public relations and content management and development.

Hailing from a diverse mix of in-house and agency backgrounds, Campfire-Collective is a group of independent marketing pros that collaborate, create, and share engaging stories about stuff we care about. We’re experienced enough to know better, but young enough to know what's up, all with something unique and specialized to bring to the table. From ideation through execution, we offer customized marketing strategies to fit your needs, whether it requires a team of one or ten, and our flexible structure means you get a high-quality product without the costs or constraints associated with agencies.

From founder Maro LaBlance:
I’m a natural connector of people, brands, media, and the stories in which we mutually share interest. I truly believe one of the main reasons I’m good at it is because I so passionately care (okay and because I live for gold stars.) With 20 years of experience in international marketing, brand strategy, public relations, creative direction, copywriting, market research, and just about everything in between, my modern-day focus is on overall strategy, PR, and assembling the right people for the right projects.

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