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Dailyn Matthews

Adventure Photographer

Be an explorer. I'm Dailyn Matthews and I peruse to find stunning images captured around the world, along with wacky stories of the earthscapes I trod upon & the fascinating people I’ve met along the way.

From designing original content for commercial products, collaborating with social media partners, to inspirational speaking engagements, I look forward to creating with you!

There are times when life takes your breath away. My role in the world is to capture how those moments feel so they’ll leave you breathless, too.

I’m Dailyn Matthews and I’m not your average photographer. Being a stuntwoman and an artist, those two things seem on other ends of the spectrum. My work in films is to make you believe in an imaginary story: one element in an almost countless list designed to create a world you can escape to for two hours.

As an adventure photographer, I place myself in locations majestic and sometimes terrifying, to give you a glimpse of the world you may never have the opportunity to experience; to give you a guided tour of the art that is all around us, rendered one image at a time. I imagine photographs — climb mountains to achieve that viewpoint, then I use my camera as a brush to paint the image my eyes see so that you can view a moment of what I’ve worked at for weeks to accomplish.

My work carries you away to another world whilst never leaving this one.

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