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Dynamite Starfish

Rock Climbing T-Shirts & Gifts

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It's a rock climbing move!
The one where you have all your limbs outstretched and you're trying desperately to gain upwards momentum.

It's silly, it's goofy, it's everything we love about rock climbing!

It stands for the optimism we need to get to the next hold and keep climbing.

Dynamite Starfish was created in 2015 by artist and climber Leslie Kim. She wanted to create art that highlights the experiences we share as climbers and ultimately bring people together. She believes that the lessons we've learned as rock climbers are important, and transfer over into our everyday lives to help us better care for one another and build community.

Knowing that simply "raising stoke" about climbing isn't enough to keep the passion alive, she chooses to donate a portion of her profits to organizations that serve the land. Before a single shirt was printed, she looked for local organizations that did conservation work in areas she actively climbs in.

Dynamite Starfish donates a percentage of their profits to groups or causes in need. Some of our previous partners include: The Navajo and Hopi Families' Covid-19 Relief Fund, The Access Fund, The Friends of Joshua Tree, Friends of the Inyo, Central Wyoming Climbers Association, American Safe Climbing Association, Planned Parenthood, and the American Himalayan Foundation.

what we love

We love the playful energy! We're ready to get out there and climb!

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