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Grace Anderson

queer dreamer, network weaver, and strategist

Grace Anderson offers strategic design, visioning, and reimagining, strategic advising / coaching, and mid to senior level recruiting and sourcing.

I love working with organizations to design programming and infrastructure that sustain, affirm, and support those who hold identities that are marginalized in society — examples could include fellowships, mentorships, grants, and affinity spaces. I also love supporting organizing in thoughtfully dismantling and rethinking existing programming.

I love advising organizations and individuals on how to move and act in alignment with their racial, environmental/climate, and social justice goals.

I am excited to lead or advise on searches for mid to senior level positions in the environmental, outdoor, and climate sectors. I enjoy connecting (and hyping up) the brilliant folks in my network and beyond who are working in deeply intersectional and expansive ways to actualize environmental and climate justice to roles where they can increase their impact.


Grace is a queer dreamer, network weaver, and strategist working at the intersection of racial justice, healing justice, and environmental justice. She is grounded and guided by Walida Imarisha’s push to sculpt reality from her dreams, Kimberlé Crenshaw’s intersectional framework, bell hook’s revolutionary love, and tasha’s reminder to take care.

With a career that began as a park ranger at Lake Metigoshe State Park in North Dakota, then later in Wyoming as a fellow and outdoor educator at The National Outdoor Leadership School, Grace has since created a multidimensional career. Over the last decade, she has managed the Sierra's Club program to increase access to the outdoors, led PGM ONE as the inaugural director, been a fellow with the Pisces Foundation, and now works independently a consultant to some of the most influential environmental + outdoor organizations and brands including Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Patagonia, The National Wildlife Federation, Packard x William Hewlett Foundation’s Environmental Leader Initiative, The North Face, and more.

Her commitment to building and maintaining relationships and networking weaving has positioned her to provide an unique and niche perspective on the field and insight into what’s needed to build towards authentic, transformative and joyful justice. She is unapologetic in her commitment to centering communities of color in her work. Grace approaches her work with intention, deep curiosity, limitlessness, and an unflinching orientation towards abundance and justice.

Grace is a cyclist, huge fan of sleeping outside, lover of connecting with people over food, and avid giggler based in Oakland, CA.

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