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Swift Adventure Co.

Swift Adventure Co. is a field institute for adventure-seekers

Swift Adventure Co. has a stellar line-up of urban workshops and guided field experiences in the Pacific Northwest, brought to you by the award-winning crew at Swift Industries.

Welcome to bicycle travel guided by Swift. If you’re imagining full kits and hotel touring, now’s the time to hit the brakes and come to a full-stop. Just like you, we’re right at home with our headlamps and puffies, and sleeping outside is icing on any adventure-cake. What we have in store puts you on high mountain gravel, pedaling to fish on snow-fed creeks with no one in sight, and to wander cideries after churning out miles. What waits is fresh shucked oysters, and island-hopping with a roaring fire at camp. It’s nights under the stars and excellent camp meals.

Swift Adventure Co. is a field institute for adventure seekers. We know that traveling by bicycle is a catalyst to deepening our sense-of-place, and opening your eyes to see the world in a whole new way.

Co-founder Martina Brimmer’s earliest memories are all outside, marauding with a posse of unkempt wild kids, climbing trees and running as fast as her legs would carry her. She’s still pretty much the same. She’s harnessed some of that nuclear energy and creative verve by founding and leading Swift Industries. The rest she pours into time on her bicycle.

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