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Jessica Kennedy

Website Designer and Strategeist

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Jessica Kennedy is a website guide who meets you where you are.

I’m a one-person website design operation that works at a scale that meets business owners where they are. My work with clients is collaborative and symbiotic — I guide you, ask the right questions, and help you avoid most of the headaches websites tend to cause.

Hiring a website designer shouldn’t be a nightmare; it should be a strategic business investment that makes your life easier.


There are thousands of website designers and ways to build a website. Why this one?
My Squarespace & WordPress website design process has been honed through my work with dozens of clients. My process gives us both clear expectations of each step, an understanding of what happens if we need to go backwards or change course, a design journey that isn’t overly time- or energy-intensive, and, at the end, a website you fully own and feel empowered using — that also works really well for your ideal clients.

This process works best for business owners with some clarity around their business, who are willing to dive deep and make a plan before we start building, and who are excited to invest in a holistic website ally to bring their website to life.

When I’m not helping small business owners build websites that tell their stories, I’m looking for sunny reading spots with my dog, climbing rocks, trying to figure out how to ski, dreaming of owning a horse, and looking for delights. I started working for myself a handful of years ago so I could do more of those things. I thrive when I get to help people do more of what they love too.

I studied political journalism in college before working in various marketing and communications jobs. I tried hard to make the 8-5 office life work, but it drained me, no matter how “good” the work was. Fortunately those years gave me a good foundation to start working with businesses on a freelance basis several years ago.

I’m based in Mammoth Lakes, CA (a tiny ski town right outside Yosemite National Park in California’s Eastern Sierra), but I work with clients all over the country and occasionally across the pond.

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