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Kama Surface

origami style surfaces for adventure & mindfulness

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Built to be outside.
A place for morning meditation, beach lounging, apres-ski gear shuffling or stargazing. A non-traditional picnic blanket and a yoga mat. A post-surf changing zone, a campfire bench, a great spot for a nap. Grab your pals and you’ve got a dance floor.

Our surfaces are crafted to belong in the outdoors, built to withstand sun, rain, snow & everything in between. With each mat we send out into the world, we hope it gets a lifetime of play, of being shared, loved, folded & unfolded.

In the beginning, we set out to build a yoga mat that would allow us to practice outside. The mat would keep us stable on uneven ground, be portable and rugged enough to withstand rain & sun. We spent months experimenting with cardboard, tearing up old yoga mats, and taking tents apart. A rough prototype for Kāma emerged.

Our design solution looked to origami for portability, high-tenacity fabrics for durability and a flexible panel system for modularity.

Although our roots come from the yoga community, we quickly realized that KĀMA lends itself to so many other outdoor pursuits.

Unbuckling your ski boots becomes an impromptu dance party. Pulling off a wetsuit turns into a beach picnic. Keeping KĀMA by our side gave our knees a break when weeding our gardens, and our bodies insulated when sleeping out under the stars.

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What a fun twist on a basic yoga mat or picnic blanket!

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