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Tera Kaia

Technical underlayers that stay with you through any adventure

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Tera Kaia is a small company with a grassroots start. Our team of outdoor women designs technical underlayers for outdoor adventure. We call it Basewear.

Basewear (n.): An extremely comfortable, form-fitting underlayer designed to be worn on land and in the water. Hike deep into the backcountry and jump in that lake. Your basewear is with you through wave crests and mountain tops.

Our mission is to redefine the way clothes fit and function so you can get outdoors and be your outside self.

The journey began in 2016. As active outdoorswomen, we got tired of bras that didn’t fit and always fell apart in the wild. So, we hit the sewing machine and made something different. Basewear was born. These days, Basewear is designed in Bishop, CA by a team of all outdoor women, fit-tested on tons of body types, and wear-tested in our backyard in the Eastern Sierra. Skiing, rock climbing, swimming, backpacking - you name it and someone’s done it in Basewear.

Sustainability guides every decision we make, from designing your Basewear to fit perfectly, to repairing it when it eventually gets loved into the ground.

Tera Kaia encourages you to celebrate your eccentricities, and let the person you are on the inside shine out. We say, the wearer is the art and the Basewear is the frame.

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