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As a woman we are examples to the young girls in the world whether they are directly or indirectly a part of our lives. VCPM's mission is to empower the woman who will raise or inspire the young girl in her life to live a life without limits. As women it's our responsibility to be the inspiration for the next generation so let's empower her to SOAR!

As a certified run coach, I'm on a mission to increase the number of women of color certified coaches in this industry. There are so many WOC crossing finish lines, who are seen as experts for what they do and who are knowledgeable about how they do it. We need YOU. Our community and our world need your expertise, your value and your leadership. I believe this breaks down to two things 1) Lack of awareness of being a certified run coach and 2) Not having the funds to register for certification. I'm here to help with the latter.

My name is Vanessa C. Peralta-Mitchell or VCPM for short;) Here's where I tell you about my accolades. But instead I'd like to pass you a baton. You see when my parents came here from Ecuador, they both came with big goals and bigger dreams. Yet that all changed for my mom the moment she chose matrimony and motherhood over herself. She put her desires on hold, only to never actually fulfill them. Yes of course she was fulfilled in other ways that go beyond measure with the love and respect of each one of us. But as the years passed, as kids grew up and moved out, my mom had trouble moving on. She couldn't help but think of all those goals she sacrificed. In her moment of realization, she passed the baton of knowledge to empower me to live out my dreams. We don't have to limit ourselves to what we think we can accomplish. Whether you're a woman in the corporate world, a woman who owns her own business, a woman who is a mom or a woman who's just trying to figure it all out. Know this. This moment. Right here. Right now...was made for YOU. This is exactly where you need to be to hear this message. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING. Take this baton of knowledge and run with it!

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