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Women’s Forest Congress

We're just getting started

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The Women’s Forest Congress is a forum to develop strategies and solutions for forests through a female lens. Women throughout the forest space have come together to share personal and professional experiences, connect with other women in the sector, shape the latest innovations, and consider how actions informed by the female perspective can make a profound impact on the future of forests.

We started a movement to support women in forestry in the for-profit, non-profit, public agency, and academic sectors from varying backgrounds and diverse perspectives. And we are committed to continuing.

The Women’s Forest Congress is gaining momentum thanks to a group of incredible, inspiring, caring, accomplished women, with whom I’m honored and so happy to work with. I have always looked for support from the people around me. I was blessed as a child to have parents who allowed me to choose my own path, to the extent that they could afford, and I have always felt empowered to make my own way with help from the right people.

The idea of this Congress is the intersection of my long-time dream of a world where girls, boys, women, men, and transgender people are treated with equal respect and consideration. We all share the conviction that forests are the answer for the health and future of our planet and our well-being. And my wish for my daughter is that she is considered an equal among all peers in her potential and ability to pursue her dreams, whatever they are.


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