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At Abysse, we believe in innovation, pushing boundaries in defining fashion’s role in the sport’s industry. Our goal is to create products that feel great, look great and function great, all the while empowering women to reach their highest potential in and out of the water.

'Pacific Ocean. Home to French Polynesia, it’s 5 archipelagos and 118 islands.
Where our story starts.

On a tiny island, surrounded by a coral barrier reef and the bluest of lagoon.

I am of the Pacific.

I was born and raised on the main island of Tahiti. Growing up on an island shapes you. Nature is omnipresent and revered. Children spend hours in the sun, in the salt water and climbing trees. Life is simple. Yet, this simple life is now a luxury in an over stimulated world.
In the islands, connection is key. Connection with people, with nature with elements.

This shaped my mind and created our ethos.
My dream vision of a company: 'Produce less, produce well.'
I also strongly believe that in a world where everything is instant, transparency is key. In a world where knowledge is power, education is a priority.

I made a conscious choice.
I decided to create a brand that embodied my beliefs.
Abysse was born out of a desire and dream to create a brand whose main purpose was to align women with ideals of function and sustainable fashion. After becoming a surfer, a model and traveling the four corners of the world throughout my teenage years, I yearned to create something of substance.

Being a conscious manufacturer means to take back power and support what we stand for, in a an ever growing fast fashion industry.

At Abysse, we make a conscious choice to make a difference. Being a conscious manufacturer means to take back power and support what we stand for. We define ourselves as a sustainable brand by embodying these aspects: by being a small family business, women owned, locally produced, using recycled materials from the beginning to the end of our value chain (from packaging to production) and by supporting charities that we believe in. By achieving the above, we aim to create an impact and set our own long term trend.

Sustainability should not be a marketing tool, it should be a requirement.
Protecting our environment has been a cause close to my heart since I can remember, and turning that passion into creating Abysse has been a magnificent journey through celebrating and creating for women that love the ocean as much as I do.'


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Abysse highlights their sustainability practices and leads with their values. "Sustainability should not be a marketing tool, but a requirement." This ethos is represented in recycled materials, limestone-based neoprene, and compostable packaging.

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