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Koala Clip

Running and Fitness Sports Bra Phone Pocket

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It all started with the innovative Koala Clip Sports Bra Phone Pouch. Turn the sports bras you already have into the perfect phone pocket.

Now we've taken our practical approach to solving problems to create great workout tights and sports bras.

Gear doesn't have to be complicated. Good fit, good price, and all the pockets.

We've got your back.

We know that you want freedom and comfort, but won't sacrifice your safety. Instead of having to choose, we designed Koala Clip to meet the demanding needs of active women.

Using the straps of your sports bra, a magnetic clip connects your Koala Clip over your sports bra straps (or neckline of top). No need to buy new bras, you can use your favorites already in your drawers.

Wear a u-back sports bra or have limited shoulder mobility? No problem! Koala Clip is versatile enough to work on your waistband. Slip inside your waistband along your hip.

We get that this is a SWEAT ZONE! We use modern cloth diaper material as the liner but reverse engineered it. It will keep sweat, rain, and water cups poured over your head off your goods.

At Koala Clip, we are lifelong runners and we too were frustrated by the limited options to carry our phones while running. We wanted a better option than an armband or waist belt for carrying our phones.

It was in the middle of a long run, as our founder was fumbling with her belt, that the idea of Koala Clip was sparked. With a $50 sewing machine, youtube to learn to sew, and working hours at the kitchen table after her kids were in bed, Kristina came up the answer to one of her biggest running problems - how to comfortably carry her phone without annoyance or frustration.

Koala Clip is a simple and discreet, sweat-resistant pouch that doesn’t bounce or move when you do. It is made to slip comfortably into the back of your sports bra or the waistband of your workout pants.
We don't believe you should have to choose between comfort or safety. Koala Clip is used by thousands of women and is available online and in a dozen running specialty stores across the country.

Inspired by mama Koalas carrying their babies on their back for safety and efficiency, Koala Clip's name was created.

Each Koala Clip, whether being shipped to an elite runner or just across town, is made with the care and love of sport as the woman it is intended for.

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7-pocket tights! Really, SEVEN POCKETS.

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